Year 3 Chess Championships
Held on Friday 30th June live at JRS!

Nine children from Scarlet and Turquoise class, challenged seven neighbouring schools in Southwark, battling it out on the chess board. Even though many of the children were a year or two older, our Year 3’s provided their opponents with an impressive challenge and came away with many points on their score sheet. The children were a credit to JRS as they displayed sportsmanlike behaviour, whether achieving a result or a win, draw or loss and played with admirable determination, showing remarkable skill.

Our team demonstrated they are a force to be reckoned with!

Congratulations to our competitors: Amir, Diyan, Grace, Malik, Mihran, Osama, Oscar, Talyh and Saba.

A big thank you to CSC and their tutors, in particular Mr Brown, for running the day and for providing Year 3 with wonderful weekly chess sessions this year.

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