Key Stage 2

Year 3: Scarlet Class Teacher Ra’eesha Saleem
Teaching Assistants Linda Ashfield, Jennifer Ellis, Kadam Kadir, Denise Kebell
Year 3: Turquoise Class Teacher Rob English
Teaching Assistants Denise Kebell, Heather Eagle
Year 4: Burgundy Class Teacher Julius Metson Scott
Teaching Assistants Belindy Date, Lucy Bassett , Merva Griffiths, Kadam Kadir
Year 4: Vermilion Class Teacher Hannah Cane
Teaching Assistants Belindy Date, Heather Eagle, Jennifer Ellis, Jacqui Howell, Halima Khelouif
Year 5: Azure Class Teacher Eve Petcher
Teaching Assistant Kamila Kassem, Vera Tawiah
Year 5: Emerald Class Teacher Owen Thompson
Teaching Assistants Heather Eagle, Jacqui Howell, Vera Tawiah
Year 6: Indigo Class Teacher Phoebe Clater
Teaching Assistant Nicola Farrington, Snzejana Metikos
Year 6: Violet Class Teacher Kieran Manera
Teaching Assistant Snzejana Metikos
Year 5 Booster

Year 6 Booster



Sheila Siebert

Snzejana Metikos

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